Coaching services

For Junior & U23 riders who have ambitions of becoming professional cyclists, please see our Talent Development Academy page. 

Having worked with riders from full time athletes, to cyclists in full time education to cyclists in full time employment, we understand how only a truly bespoke and individual training package will allow you to reach your goals and potential. 

We therefore invite you to reach out to us to start an initial conversation on what level of coaching you require and the time commitment you'd be looking for and we can then bring a plan together that would suit your best needs. 

Costs would vary depending on the type of level required, from one off payments for a set plan to monthly subscriptions to more detailed coaching packages and would be discussed prior to any commitment. Our costs are competitive and will accurately match the services being offered. Below is a short and not exhaustive list of the packages we can offer:

-3/6/9/12 month set plans for any given goals

-Monthly set plan with monthly feedback

-Weekly set plan with weekly feedback

-Full training plan with daily feedback and modifications

Why Loughborough Performance Coaching? 


We believe there is nothing more important than the athletes themselves, so what better way to find out why you should choose our coaches to help you reach your goal then visit our Results and our Testimonials pages.