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''Racing in Europe was always my dream; Loughborough Performance

Coaching has helped me achieve this, to not only race in Europe, but to race in some of the biggest U23 races in the world''

-Alex Haines-
-GSC Blagnac Velo Sport 31-

-2019 Nokere Koerse Juniors UCI 1.1 Winner-
-Coached by Phill Maddocks-


“I’ve been working with Phill for a couple of years now and I can’t speak highly enough of what he has done for me. When looking for a coach it seemed so many just offer a ‘one size fits all’ training programme, which doesn’t work for someone like me with a full-time job with a lot of domestic and international travel. The flexibility and understanding Phill shows means I can still maximise my potential and I never thought I’d finish 14th in a National Champs just over two years after starting out in the sport!”

-Pete Matthews-
-Clancy Briggs Academy-

-14th at 2020 National Cyclocross Championships-
-Coached by Phill Maddocks-


''Ifan’s been my coach for just over 12 months now. Over this time, I’ve made huge leaps in performance, both in power numbers and in the races that we’ve been able to target in the last year. A significant contributor to these improvements has been training consistency and specificity.


Being able to log into Cycling Analytics, view my training and just get it done is invaluable. As someone without a sport science background, I take great confidence in ‘trusting the process’ and Ifan’s specialist knowledge of physiology. When I read my training for the week, I know that it’s been crafted to suit me.


Of course, performance on the bike is important, but it’s not everything – something reflected in Ifan’s coaching style. There is a significant focus on enjoyment instead of just mindless miles or endless intervals.


Ifan has helped me find my passion for racing bikes, having switched from triathlon in early 2019. I’m a firm believer that an athlete who enjoys riding their bike will be more consistent, committed and ultimately enjoy greater success.''

-Travis Bramley-
-NOPINZ Motip Race Team-

-3rd at 2020 National TT Circuit Championships-
-Coached by Ifan Roberts-


''I have been with Phill for two years. His dedication has always been absolute and I've always felt completely supported through numerous highs and lows. He simplifies the training process and helps focus on the basics that actually make the difference.''

-Marinus Petersen-
-Loughborough Students Cycling Club-

-2021 Welsh Road Race Champion-
-Coached by Phill Maddocks-

Toby 10.jpg

''I’ve been coached by Phill at Loughborough Performance Coaching for the past year and have seen some huge improvements!


During the 2020 lockdown we were able to really focus on preparing for the 2020/21 Cyclocross season, looking at my weaknesses and how best to improve them. This has hugely paid off and allowed me to have my best Cross season to date. 


My training is always well varied to keep it interesting and I can always contact Phill to ask any questions I have about it.''

-Toby Barnes-
-Crimson Performance Orientation Marketing Race Team-
-2nd at 2021 Ryedale GP (Nat A)

-13th at 2020 European CX Champs, 21st at 2021 World CX Champs-
-Coached by Phill Maddocks-


''I’ve been coached by Phill at LPC for 18 months now and have seen great improvements in my ability and fitness on the bike. Phill’s knowledge of coaching and physiology and the extensive planning that goes into each training block is invaluable to my progression.

 All sessions are well explained and the reason for doing the session is included, which is motivating for me because it explains to me why I’m doing the session and pushes me harder. The feedback on each session is always quick, insightful and keeps motivation high ready for the next session.

If the session didn’t go as planned, we’ll have a quick chat and can immediately get back on track with clear steps on how to get there.

If I ever have any issues or questions about training, Phill always responds very quickly and provides helpful advice.  

The training weekends organised by LPC are also an awesome opportunity to develop race specific skills and tactics. As well as being really good fun you can try different tactics without pressure which really helps when it comes to racing.

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Phill and LPC and would recommend it to any rider looking to advance their ability as a cyclist.''

-Isaac Peatfield-
-Crimson Performance Orientation Marketing Race Team-

-2nd U23 2021 National Road Race Series-

-2019 Junior Tour of Wales Queen Stage Winner-
-Coached by Phill Maddocks-

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