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uk domestic fantasy cycling
2024 Road Season

Welcome to the 2024 UK Domestic Fantasy Cycling League.

Game registration will be open from 19th February to 29th February exclusively.

Register your team on the below link:

To view all team entries and review your own team, click here.

Riders & Teams
To ensure yourself as a rider, or your team's riders, are in the game, check the rider lists at the bottom of this page. If they are not, contact us through the below E-Mail with team and rider name/s BEFORE 18th February. Any riders or teams after this date will not be included as the game will be open for registration.


Choose 3 Male and 3 Female riders with a combined total value of 18 stars or less.

No rider can be selected twice within your team.

Once your team has been submitted, there will be no changes throughout the season.


Points will be taken from all National A level events (Road and Crit) and National B level Road Races. 
Note - National B Crits are not included.


Points scored will be as per British Cycling's points system,, and taken directly from The British Continental's 'Stats Hub'



There will be no transfers throughout the season



Team ranking will be updated weekly and shown in the table below (Table visible after first race).

For rider rankings, see The British Continental's 'Stats Hub'
Note - Rider
 points will be a sum of The British Conti's National Road Race Rankings AND National Circuit Series rankings

Note - Portsdown Classic is excluded from the game due to game starting in March.

Riders & Rankings

Riders are ranked on a 1-5 star system, based mainly off 2023 results in National A and B road races. (Please don't be offended, we don't know all the riders, so prove us wrong!)

If you, or your team, want to be included in the game, please e-mail the names of the riders and their corresponding team by the 18th February 2024 to:

game leaderboard

male riders

female riders

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