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2022 Road Season

Gooikse Pijl (uci 1.1)

18th September 2022

''This was another chance to learn from some of the best riders in the world on a flat sprinters race. I did what I could to help move my team up towards the end of the race then swung off with about 5km to go and rolled into the finish.''

-Toby Barnes-

Loughborough 4 (2).jpg

Ras na mban (irish national)jessica finney:stage 1 - 3rd, stage 6 - 5th

7th-12th September 2022


nick clayton rr (reg a)dan barnes - 1st

3rd September 2022

''After my first ever road race win the weekend before, it was awesome to repeat this with another win just 7 days later! I bridged over to the winning breakaway of 9 on the last lap and took the sprint for the win. This also earned me my 1st category BC license.''

-Dan Barnes-


Ronde van de Achterhoek (UCI 1.2)
toby barnes - 41st

28th August 2022

''I was really looking forward to this race as it had 20 gravel sectors within the 200km. The peloton was getting smaller throughout the race because of crashes and the tougher sectors causing gaps in the group. On the finish circuit for the last 25km I was really active in lots of small attacks. I got away solo with 5km to go, going all out for the win, only getting caught within the final 500m.''

-Toby Barnes-

agglo tour (french elite)
alex haines
stage 1 - 5th

20th-21st August 2022



ryedale gp (nat a)
toby barnes - 7th
matty houldberg - 34th
matt ellis - 48th

21st August 2022

''After a very tough first 2 hours of the race I got into a breakaway with 3 other riders, 2 of them from Saint Piran. With a couple of laps to go our break split up because I didn’t quite have the power to stay with the 2 leaders on the climb. Was caught by a few others on the final lap so didn’t manage to hold on for the podium, rolling in 7th.''

-Toby Barnes-


south normanton rr (reg A)dan barnes - 1st

21st August 2022

''This result was super nice because I felt it had been coming for a while, but I’d just not quite got it right until this race. I definitely took a lot of confidence from this into the final few races of the road season.''

-Dan Barnes-

Loughborough 4 (2).jpg

ryedale gp womens (nat a)
jessica finney - 13th

21st August 2022


brignogan plages (french reg)
adam mitchell - 5th
dan barnes - 17th

15th August 2022



Lorient (French reg)
toby barnes - 7th
adam mitchell - 9th
dan barnes - 24th

12th August 2022



Saint germain (french reg)
toby barnes - 12th
adam mitchell - 25th
dan barnes - 55th

7th August 2022


Fougerolles (French reg)
adam mitchell - 9th
toby barnes - 11th
dan barnes - 18th

8th August 2022



Montsurs (French reg)
toby barnes - 1st
adam mitchell - 17th
dan barnes - 6th

6th August 2022




28th July 2022

This week saw Alex take his first French Elite win of the season after 65 laps around the picturesque town of Monpazier. Navigating sweeping corners and cobbled streets, Alex came out on top.

''I’ve raced here 2 times before and have always found the race to be spectacular and very hard with the break going early. I made sure I was active at the start of the race but this year no breaks were sticking. I picked up a few primes but tried to not waste energy and pick the right moment later on in the race. That moment came around 15 laps to go just before an especially large €100 prime. I bridged up to a teammate and another rider just after the prime and we worked well together, my teammate helping to keep the pace high. After a few small accelerations it came down to a sprint where I went early to carry more speed round the corner, caught my opponent by surprise and ended up winning by several bike lengths.''

-Alex Haines-

Loughborough 4 (2).jpg

Upton cc rr (nat b)
toby barnes - 2nd

31st July 2022

''A really flat course meant it was going to be hard to get away as the speed was so high. A small group got a gap after 30 mins and I then bridged across, making it a group of about 10. Towards the end it got down to a group of 4 of us, including my teammate Reece Wood. I attacked with about 500m to go, meaning Reece could sit on while the other riders chased me down. He sprinted for the win and I beat the other 2 to get 2nd.''

-Toby Barnes-

MANX International (nat a)
toby barnes - 4th gc

22nd-24th July 2022

''I went into this race with the aim of getting a solid gc result and testing myself on a proper climb. I got away in stage 1 (a crit), finishing 2nd to my teammate. Stage 2 was a circuit race on an airfield with some crosswinds to make it quite interesting. We attacked as a team in the wind and got a group of 10 out front, gaining a bit more time on gc. I lost a bit of time to some gc rivals in the tt but wasn’t out of it going into the last stage up the mountain. Over the top of the harder climb there was only a group of 8 of us left which stayed together to the finish. I got 3rd on the final stage, 4th on gc and 1st U23 on GC.''

-Toby Barnes-

Loughborough 4 (2).jpg

Lancaster GP (nat a)
toby barnes - 9th

17th July 2022

''This was a very tough day out in 30+ degree heat on a really hilly course. After missing the main breakaway I got into another small group to try and get across to the front of the race. We didn’t quite make it so I sprinted in for 9th, slightly disappointed. This was definitely a good race for me to get a result but missing that first move just put me on the back foot so I wasn’t able to be up there fighting for the win.''

-Toby Barnes-

lancaster gp womens (nat a)
jessica finney - 10th

17th July 2022


Loughborough 4 (2).jpg

Tour des Deux-Sèvres (French elite)
Alex Haines
Stage 1 - 8th
Stage 5 - 4th

14th-17th July 2022


For full results, please see the below link:

Guildford town centre (Nat b)
toby barnes - 1st
dan barnes - 6th

13th July 2022

''After racing this crit last year, I knew how important it was to be right at the front. My teammate Rory Townsend punctured after a couple of laps so I was marking everything and slowing the race down where possible to allow him to chase back on to the bunch. We kept attacking until eventually I got away with about 10 minutes to go, staying solo to the finish to take the win.''

-Toby Barnes-

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-30 at 6.33.23 PM.jpeg

stockton gp
jessica finney - 1st

Sunday 3rd July 2022

Stockton played host to the second round of the 2022 National Road Race Series. After missing the first round due to sickness, our coaching team were looking forward to seeing how Jess could perform in just her second National Road Race of the season.

After a steady start to the race with all the breaks failing on the main circuit. Jess, along with Frankie Morgan-Slader of AWOL O’Shea, finally got away on the crit-style circuit. After pushing hard on a slight rise, Jess was able to distance her companion. With a healthy amount of the race left and a hard chasing peloton it was going to be a hard task for Jess to solo herself to victory. Despite the peloton being able to see the lone leader for long sections of the circuit the gap never came down. Jess finished comfortably ahead of the chasing group, finishing 20 seconds ahead of Mille Couzens of Plantur Pura who won the bunch sprint ahead of Lee Boon of Torrelli-Cyaman-Islands-Scimitar who completed the podium.


“To see the hard work of an athlete over the winter delivering them in a good shape for the racing season is a great feeling as a coach. We knew before the season that Jess had progressed well over the winter months, developing the ability to be competitive over long stage races. It is nice to have this translated into an impressive wining performance on race day. One of many more to come I’m sure”
-Ifan Roberts-
-Endurance Coach-

“After many years of consistent results towards the top end of races, it was a well deserved moment to take the top step. It was only a matter of time given the hard work she has been putting in, on and off the bike. Her race craft was spot on. Riding solo for close to an hour is not her biggest strength. However the race craft she showed to spot the opportunity and manage the gap was what made the win even more rewarding for us.”

-Jamie Caldwell-
- Race Coach-

For full results, please see the below link:

Nocturne de Lourdes
alec gregory - 6th

3rd July 2022

''It was a good race and one of the only crits of the year I raced. I was in the break at the start of the race then got brought back and more moves went. Then in the closing laps it all came back together for a bunch sprint where I placed 6th.''

-Alec Gregory-


Ilkley GP (Reg a)
dan barnes - 2nd
ben bright - 6th

1st July 2022


Elfstedenronde Brugge (UCI/1.1)
toby barnes - 49th

Sunday 12th June 2022

A week after Toby was racing around the campus of his University, he was in Belgium, competing in his first UCI 1.1 against some of the biggest teams and riders in the world including arguably the 3 fastest sprinters in the world, Jakobsen, Ewan and Merlier. 

After numerous early breaks, including a trio escaping including Toby, an eventual break went including a WiV Sungod team mate. After that, the job was simple, help position the team's sprinter, Bostock, for the finalé. Moving his team up in the final 5Km, battling with some of the best riders in the world, Toby's job was done and could sit back for the sprint as Bostock finished in a great 8th position. 

It was great to see a LPC rider racing at such a high level, and we look forward to seeing more of this in the future. 


Photo: James York

''It was a brilliant experience getting to race at this level with plenty of world tour riders. I definitely learnt lots which can be taken into the next UCI races where I can build on this.''
-Toby Barnes-

For full results, see the below link:


Photo: Elliot Haigh

Loughborough campus crit (nat b)
toby barnes - 1st
josh price - 2nd
dan barnes - 5th
ben bright - 1oth
matt ellis - 12th
travis bramley - 15th

Sunday 4th June 2022

''I had to ensure Toby didn't get up the road without me, so when he attacked a few laps in I knew I had to follow, so put in a big dig to make it across to him. After working well for a few laps we had a solid lead and I knew Toby was the stronger of us, so I did as little work as possible to try and even the playing field. Two laps to go he'd managed to get me on the front going into the climb, so I rode the climb as hard as possible to stop him attacking me, which worked until my legs started to give up near the top, when he attacked me. I nearly managed to catch him on the downhill, but he put in another acceleration up the hill which I couldn't follow, so rolled in for second. It was a good result for me and great  to see our training group deliver such a race.''
-Josh Price-

A race close to us in both heart and location, we wanted to showcase what Loughborough Performance Coaching is all about in our home race. No specific plans were in place apart from race hard, and this was certainly how it played out. 

Within 3 laps, Toby had decided that he wanted to go clear of the main group as per 2021 and made his move. Not to miss this opportunity, both Dan and Josh jumped across and the trio quickly made a gap over the chasing group. Unfortunately Dan didn't have the legs on the day to stay with an ever aggressive Toby, but Josh fought hard and together they extended their lead to over 60 seconds and a comfortable winning margin before then attacking each other in the last two laps with Toby defending his 2021 victory to make it two in two. 

Behind, the now much reduce group of around 10 riders had settled for 3rd position, with current National Junior CX Champ Joseph Smith eventually breaking away in the closing laps and Adam Mitchell and Dan Barnes closing out the top 5. A race animated by LPC athletes, resulting in a string of top results, makes us here all proud. 

“Although not an important race for our athletes individually, it was important for us as a group to showcase our talents in the local area and show what we are truly about. It was great to see this achieved with a dominating display. Finishing 6 coached riders, and 7 supported riders in the top 15, with 4 of them in the top 5, it was truly a successful day.''

-Phill Maddocks-
-Head Coach-

For full results, please see the below link:

Tour Series
dan barnes - 8th & 5th team
toby barnes - 10th & 1st team
travis bramley - 29th & 5th team
matt ellis - 45th

2nd May - 24th May 2022

One of the UK's flagship events, the Tour Series returned to full strength in 2022 with a series of 7 races from all across England and Scotland. Having 4 riders in the series, some for their first time, some returning to better their previous results, gave us an opportunity to look into criterium style racing in detail, learning how to position ourselves and tactically best perform in such events. This extra work was clear to see with some riders outperforming themselves and able to hand with the best riders in the race and nearly always making the front splits. 


Photo: Gina Ball

Dan Barnes was one of the standout riders of the Tour Series, twice finishing first non-UCI rider and supporting his team to be first non-UCI/non-NGB over the whole Series. 

Toby enjoyed two rounds of the Series working for his team; WiV Sungod, who eventually finished in a commanding position at the top of the overall podium.

Travis and Matt were able to gain invaluable experience throughout the Series, experience they hope to bring to not only criterium racing, but also road racing for the remainder of the season.

''I feel like I learnt how to ride these races better at every round, set myself an aim after 2 rounds to get a top 10. Managed to get 8th at round 5 so feel I had a pretty successful Tour Series this year and can take learning points from this into the rest of the season.''
-Dan Barnes-

For full results and report, please see the below link:


timmy james memorial rr
toby barnes - 1st

Sunday 1st May 2022

Sunday saw the return of the annual road race ran by Bourne Wheelers in memory of Timmy James. A rolling course presented the riders, with no hills too big for the sprinters to really struggle. An attacking race from the off, multiple groups escaped and were brought back by the peloton until the eventual winning move of 6, later joined by another 4, got away. From this group, Toby was able to work with his team mate to tactically get away from the rest of the race in the final kilometres.

''I attacked after about an hour and got a break of 6 away. With a lap to go another small group joined us including my teammate, Ben perry, meaning we could work well together in the last few kms. I got away with 1 other for the last 2km and managed to finish it off to get the win.''

-Toby Barnes-

For full results, please see the below link:

U23 National Series - R1
toby barnes - 2nd
dan barnes - 17th
matthew houlberg - 18th

Sunday 17th April 2022

The introduction of the National U23 Series was always going to bring a new style of racing to the competitors, with no big teams or experienced leaders to take charge of the race. 

An early break formed which included two Academy riders; Josh Price and Matt Ellis. Behind, the peloton raced with little control, with the WiV Sungod riders forcing the pace on the inclines to gradually reduce the size of the bunch, but never fully bring back the break. 

On the final lap of the race, there were still 5 riders from the breakaway infront as Toby launched from the peloton to try and bridge, unfortunately coming up short to one lone breakaway rider.

A strong start to the series for our Academy as we certainly look for more at Round 2. 


Photo: James York

''Really happy with 2nd to start the U23 National series. Attacked on the last lap to bridge across to the break but couldn’t quite get across to the lone leader so had to settle for 2nd. Happy with the form so hopefully I’ll carry this onto the next races.''
-Toby Barnes-

''My plan for the race was to try and get in the breakaway for the day as it's a route not very suited to me, so I attacked from the gun, and attacked a few times before a gap was stable. We worked well for the majority of the race, riding hard and keeping a good gap. The final time up the finish climb I ran out of gas having been in the breakaway for the entire race, and unfortunately had nothing left so was caught by the peloton before getting dispatched having emptied the tank helping my teammate Farley on his way to third place from the break.''

-Josh Price-

For full results and report, please see the below link:


gp senac (french elite)
alex haines - 7th

11th April 2022


Danum trophy
toby barnes - 1st

Sunday 3rd April 2022

After a promising start to the season with a strong showing at the Peaks 2-Day, Toby executed a smart race to lift his arms in the air for the first time, of what we believe will be many, this year. With 3 laps of the circuit to go, and countering one of Damien Clayton's relentless attacks, Toby and his breakaway companion, Adam Mitchell, rode clear of the race and working well together able to develop a strong gap on the rest of the race. Leading into the finish Toby was able to leave Adam and take home his first win of the season.

''It feels great to get my first win of the year and my first win for WiV SunGod. I have to thank my team mates for a well executed race, with Jim finishing 3rd, marking the chase group behind. A strong start to my season.''
-Toby Barnes-


Photo: Andy Jones

“It was fantastic to see Toby make up for recent mistakes at the Peaks 2-Day and deliver a strong result as we prepare for bigger races to come. It was also exciting to see Toby and Adam working together in a break like this, after watching them both tear up the lanes of Leicestershire together over recent months at LPC training camps. I am sure that knowing each other so well only aided there efforts and I'm hopeful for more of this to come in the future.''

-Phill Maddocks-
-Head Coach-

For full results, please see the below link:


BUCS National 25 Champs
travis bramley
3rd overall & 1st team

Sunday 3rd April 2022

Making a start to his 2022 time trial season with his new team, Team Spectra Wiggle, Travis took to the start line of the BUCS 25 mile time trial championships. Being his last year in university and being the last rider off, Travis was super motivated to take the win. With the lack of time trial specific training, it would take a strong ride for Travis to take the overall victory. After a well-paced effort over the 25 mile course, Travis finished in 3rd place positing a time of 51:21 min. Travis just missed out on the top and second step of the podium, finishing behind Cameron Richardson in first place and Jamieson Blain who finished second. Overall, a good result to start his season.

“It’s taken me four years to earn an individual BUCS medal, so this is a big personal goal ticked off. Although it’s not the colour I’d maybe hoped for, I gave it everything on the day and wasn’t quite good enough to match the guys ahead.”

-Travis Bramley-

“Taking the top step of the podium was always going to be a hard task with the lack of time trial specific training, however Travis produced a strong ride showing his overall strength on the bike. We’re now looking forward to completing a race specific block before moving forward to a block of racing in May and June. We're always proud to be supporting athletes who are in full time education, so achieving medals at the University Championships is always a bonus.”

-Ifan Roberts-

-Endurance Coach-


For full results, please see the below link:


Photo: Tom Austin

perfs pedal rR (NAT B)
josh price - 5th
matthew houlberg - 7th

Sunday 13th February 2022

The first National road race of the year took place this weekend, in conditions expectant in an early February British day. A strong field was named for the now infamous start to the British racing season, with former winners, former professionals and a number of riders from the Continental team Wiv Sungod. 

Two of Loughborough Performance Coaching's riders took to the start line and both made a strong start to the season finishing in 5th and 7th in the very reduced main front group fighting for 3rd place. With both U23 riders still preparing for the bigger goals of the season these results show great promise to what is ahead and gives confidence moving forwards. 

'Knowing the weather conditions were going to make it an attritional race, I went in with a plan to stay safe, conserve my efforts and make sure I was still there to fight for a result in the finale. I'm pleased with how I raced tactically and pleased to get a result this early in the season.'
-Josh Price-

'There's always some nerves starting the first race of the season, but these quickly dissipated as I got into the race. I knew the cross winds would wreak havoc at the top of the hill so made sure I was entering the hill in top 10 to give myself the best possible chances. Having only done mainly endurance work so far this winter it's pleasantly surprising to be coping so well in racing conditions and especially cross winds, so there is definitely more to come this year.'
-Matthew Houlberg-

'From a coaching perspective these two results were really pleasing, but even more so was how the athletes approached and executed the race. Being so early on in the season, I wasn't worrying about the final result but more on the process of racing, and both athletes delivered with good positioning throughout and good race craft to ensure they were still there at the end to fight for a podium. With more fitness to come, and improving on that race craft, big results are sure to follow.'
-Phill Maddocks-
-Head Coach-


For full race report and results, please see the below:

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